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Lottery Dapp

Revolutionize chance with our Lottery DApp – a decentralized, transparent, and secure platform powered by blockchain, ensuring fair and exciting opportunities for all participants.

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Crowdfunding Dapp

Elevate dreams together with My Crowdfunding DApp. Experience a decentralized platform fostering community support, transparency, and success for innovative projects and ideas.

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ERC20 Token

An ERC20 token is a digital asset on Ethereum, standardized for easy interaction with smart contracts and DApps, facilitating value exchange.

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Staking Dapp

Introducing My staking DApp: effortlessly stake your cryptocurrencies, earn rewards, and secure the network. With user-friendly interface and smart contract security, start earning passive income today.

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Token Ico (Staking App)

My token ICO app facilitates the sale and distribution of digital tokens.It provides a platform for issuing tokens, managing contributions, and distributing tokens to investors based on their contributions.

Same token to be used in Staking App

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NFT Minting App

Introducing MOTIVATION CLUB In this project i have created 101 Motivation quotes living on ipfs node.Each qoute is unique and bring motivation in you.Click Enter Minting App and claim yours as soon as possible.

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NFT Marketplace

Our NFT marketplace is a vibrant hub where artists and collectors come together to create, buy, and sell unique digital assets. With an easy-to-use interface and secure transactions.

NOTE:Nfts minted from Nft Minting App will work here.

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